Arch Support Strutz From YourPhysioSupplies (5/6)

If insoles aren’t your thing then you can check out these foot arch supports instead. If you just want arch support then these quick, lightweight and easy to put on arch supports are for you. These foot arch supports unlike insoles do not require you to wear shoes, they simply strap around your feet making them ideal for wearing around the house. These foot supports are perfect if you don’t want to wear bulky insoles and just want to give your arches an extra bit of support and protection. They work by strapping around your foot with a memory foam pad that supports and holds your arch in place. You can wear them with or without shoes, allowing you to give your feet extra support around the house without wearing shoes and messing up your carpet! The cushion pad found on these foot supports also helps to protect your feet from shock and stops your foot excessively pronating when you walk helping you recover better if you have a foot injury.


  • Inexpensive alternative to wearing insoles
  • Nonbulky and lightweight -Can be worn with or without shoes for support around the house or whilst you sleep.
  • Supports the arch and ball of your foot helping ease plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia.
  • Cushions and protects your foot from shock damage
  • Helps to stop overpronation and other problems that may cause damage to your feet when you walk


  • Only supports your arch
  • Not very durable and will need to be replaced often

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