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These insoles are perfect for all purposes. If you are a runner you will find that these insoles will help to protect your feet from shock and stop you from getting common overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis when you run. Or if you find that you are on your feet for long periods and you suffer from heel pain these insoles will help ease this with their inbuilt heel cups. These Heel cups will support and protect your feet better, for example, they will help stop the build-up of pressure underneath your heels by redistributing this pressure evenly across your heel.

Pro’s: Fits inside just about every type of shoe you can think of. Rigid arch and heel support making them great for plantar fasciitis. Ideal for those with flat feet and high arches. Fixes common biomechanical imbalance that can contribute to injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

Con’s: May take a while for your feet to get used to the rigid arch support.

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  1. These Footrevivers are simply the best. I had really bad plantar fasciitis in my left foot which I got when I went out running and didn’t warm up properly beforehand. I was unable to properly walk for weeks, I then decided to try out some insoles to see if they could help ease my pain. Just about every single brand I could get my hands didn’t work. I almost gave up on the idea of wearing insoles to get rid of my plantar fasciitis, that is until a friend told me about Footrevivers and how they helped him when he had the same injury. I decided to give them ago. and I am so glad that I did as they have really helped! Within the space of 2 weeks of wearing these inside my shoes has meant my plantar fasciitis has eased so much and I can even start to think about running again. I cannot recommend these enough!

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