FootReviver Running Insoles (2/6)

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These running insoles will help protect your feet from common overuse injuries that often blight walkers. They have an inbuilt metatarsal pad to better support the balls of your feet easing pressure and preventing ball of foot pain. They also come with an excellent heel cup that will hold your heel in place and protect it against shock and strain. These insoles are extremely comfortable to wear thanks to their memory foam top layer that will adapt as you walk easing pressure off your feet where you need it the most.

Pros: -Memory foam layer supports and protects your feet where you need it the most -Heel cups help to keep your heel stable preventing strain and damage causing heel pain and injury. -Made from EVA shock absorbing material that prevents shock from damaging your feet and lower limbs when you walk -Helps to restore balance in your feet and correct common gait issues that can lead to overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis – Features a built-in metatarsal pad for an enhanced ball of foot support.

Cons: Can be a little large for smaller shoes -Lacks sufficient arch support for treating plantar fasciitis.

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  1. Beats Superfeet! Before I got these I had some Superfeet insoles and they absolutely sucked and actually made my foot pain a lot worse by pushing them into all sorts of weird positions. Now I have these my feet feel a lot better. I really like the memory foam on these as it is really soft and supports my feet really well. These insoles are so much cheaper than Superfeet as well.. with them you are just paying a premium just have their brand name plastered on them (placebo effect maybe?).

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