FootRevivier Arch & Heel support Insoles (3/6)

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These insoles are a great choice for any walker wanting to better support and to protect their feet better. They are built to be super lightweight so they won’t weight down your feet when you wear them, have been made from super shock absorbent materials and come with orthotic technologies such as built-in arch support and heel cup to keep strain and pressure off key parts of your feet.

Pros: -Good level of shock absorption -Built-in heel cups ensures that your heels are properly supported and protected against shock and pressure -Rigid arch support to help prevent and treat common walking injuries such as plantar fasciitis -Can be fitted inside just about any walking boots quickly and easily -Metatarsal pad helps to ease ball of foot pain -Made from durable materials.

Cons: -Not many sizes available.

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  1. I have been wearing these for a few weeks now so I thought id chip in and post what I like and didn’t like about these insoles…
    What I liked:
    -I have flat feet and usually if I go walking my feet will get really inflamed afterward but thanks to these insoles this is no longer a problem thanks to the rigid arch support.
    -I have really bad stability in my ankles and have twisted and sprained my ankles a number of times because of this but these insoles have a really good heel cup which holds my heel and ankle in place so fingers crossed I won’t be spraining my ankle anytime soon.
    -They are really lightweight to wear… I just hate insoles that are too bulky or to heavy to wear.
    -I can stand on hard surfaces for as long as I want and the insoles will stop pressure building up and hurting my feet.
    What I didn’t like:
    -To be honest, there aren’t many things wrong with these insoles but if I was going to be picky I would say that they do wear out fast if you wear them a lot..but this isn’t really a huge problem considering just how cheap they are.

  2. As someone who does a lot of walking over the years, I have had just about every foot injury known to man. I have tried just about everything to try to ease my pain and have worn every single insole available.. the only thing to work was wearing these things. They are great the arch support is EXACTLY what my feet need. Since I have put these in my boots I have had no trouble at all with my feet and I’m so happy!

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