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These insoles are a perfect choice for anyone suffering from tired restless and aching legs! Standing for long periods of time especially on hard surfaces like concrete flooring can cause havoc on your feet and lower legs. Pressure can build and cause damage to them. These massaging gel insoles will massage your feet as you walk and will protect your feet and legs by easing pressure and absorbing shock. The massaging gel has also been specifically designed to shape to the exact shape of your feet giving you support and protection where you need it the most.

Pros: Made from lightweight materials so that they won’t weigh your feet down. They are ideal for people who stand for long periods at a time. Holds your feet in the correct position and correct gait problems such as excessive pronation that can cause injury and pain.  Eases tension and pressure off your feet and lower limbs. Protects your feet and legs from shock damage. Ideal for treating foot and leg fatigue.

Cons: Does not have the best arch support compared to other insoles listed.

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  1. I have diabetic neuropathy and it is a real nightmare at times but the way that these insoles massage my feet really helps bring back feeling into them! They feel great when I wear them, they really do support my feet really well and I love how they absorb shock. I would definitely recommend them to anyone 🙂

  2. All of my life I have suffered from aching legs, I don’t know what causes it but I have been trying to look for a cure for a long long time. Even though these insoles don’t stop my leg aching completely they have helped a huge amount. When I have them in my shoes my legs don’t hurt half as much and I can now walk for a lot longer without having to put my feet up and rest.

  3. I find these are the best remedy for tired aching legs. I work as a waitress and I’m constantly on my feet just about every day. This would really take its toll… but since I started wearing gel insoles my feet and legs just feel miles better!

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