Massaging Gel Insoles From Footcaredirect (5/5)

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These massaging gel insoles are made from medical grade quality silicone gel and will provide all-day support and protection against shock. They will also mold to the exact shape of your feet when you walk helping to give you better support where you need it the most.

Pros: -Massages your feet to keep them comfortable all day long -Silicone gel stops shock from damaging your feet and lower limbs -Ideal for those who suffer from knee pain -Spreads pressure evenly across your whole foot making them ideal for those who have to stand for long periods on hard surfaces such as concrete -Lightweight and will not weight down your feet.

Cons: -Does not provide rigid arch support.

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  1. Unfortunately these insoles arent for me. I bought these and to be honest I am not really a fan, well not for wearing them inside my work boots at least. Yes, they do have lots of shock absorption but they are not rigid enough for me as I would often find my feet wobbling around in my boots because of them. I decided to return them and get the footreviver ones instead which were a lot better.

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