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These orthotic insoles have been designed with workers in mind. Featuring a range of orthotic technologies such as inbuilt arch support, a metatarsal pad and heel cup and have been crafted with medical grade lightweight and durable EVA material. These features will help to provide you with better protection and support for your feet whilst you work.

Pros: -Made from tough EVA material that is both durable and flexible
-Excellent at absorbing shock
-Spreads pressure evenly across the whole foot
-Inbuilt heel cup is perfect for stabilizing the heel preventing sprains and strains
-Metatarsal pad protects helps to prevent and ease ball of foot pain.

Cons:-Arch support may not be suitable for those with high arches or flat feet.

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  1. At work, my friend gave me a pair of his to borrow after hearing me whine on about how bad my feet hurt… I liked them so much the next day I bought a pair for myself. They are really good at absorbing shock making sure no shock gets anywhere near my feet to cause damage. But unlike other insoles, these aren’t super bulky to wear and fit really nicely inside my boots. I just love them.

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