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If you are a runner and you have flat feet then you have a lot higher chance of developing overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis. This is because the level of strain and stress on your arches is a lot greater than it is for the average runner. These running insoles by Footreviver have been designed for runners to help give your arches greater support and protection when you run. These insoles use a range of different technologies to help keep strain off your arches and reduce pressure off the plantar fascia. This will, in turn, reduce your risk of developing plantar fasciitis. If you already have plantar fasciitis or a foot injury the ligaments and supporting muscles in your feet maybe weakened and unable to function properly. These insoles help to get you back on your feet by supporting and restrengthening these ligaments and muscles and will also help to stop shock and pressure from causing further damage to your feet helping you to recover more quickly.


  • Good shock absorption makes these perfect for runners an athletes
  • Made from durable materials making these insoles long-lasting
  • Good inbuilt arch support. Having good arch support helps to take the strain off key parts of your foot helping to prevent and treat common foot injuries associated with having flat feet.
  • Orthotic compression helps to reposition your foot’s position and stop your foot from overpronating when walking or running.
  • Memory foam layer helps to spread pressure and give you a custom level of support and protection.
  • Lightweight and ideal for running shoes
  • Breathable design helps keep your feet dry and sweat free.
  • Excellent shock absorption helps to protect your feet from shock when running or playing high impact sports.


  • Can feel a little bulky inside narrow shoes!

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