Shock Absorbing Insoles From Footcaredirect (5/6)

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These shock absorbing insoles are ideal for reducing foot fatigue, aches, and pains. Built with special shock absorbing material these insoles will help to eliminate just about ll shock helping to protect not just your feet but also your lower limbs, hips and lower back. With a really good heel cup that will keep your heel stable and prevent twisting and movement that could otherwise damage your heel and ankle. These insoles have also been made to be super lightweight so they won’t weight down your feet, plus they are extremely breathable helping to circulate fresh air around your feet to keep them dry and feeling fresh.

Pros: -These insoles offer the best shock absorption you can expect from a pair of off the shelf insoles. -The arch support is sufficient enough keeps strain off your arch preventing common overuse injuries -Heel cup improves stability in your heel and ankle preventing sprains and strains -Spreads pressure evenly across your whole foot -Ventilation holes keep your feet free of sweat and feeling fresher for longer.

Cons: -Can feel a little bulky inside narrow shoes.

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