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      I’ve recently started training to be a chef and I’m spending a huge amount of time on my feet, each evening when I get home my ankles are extremely swollen, any suggestions on how to help prevent this or ease them better of an evening? I wear sketchers memory foam shoes at work as they are the most comfortable to be stood in for hours. Thanks.

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      Get some support socks sold as anti DVT socks when flying. In the evening elevate them.

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      Try and remember to flex your legs at intervals when standing

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      I used to get really bad ankle pain all the time when I worked as a waitress! It does get easier, I promise. I used to use a foot spa when I got home, it was utter bliss.

      Support socks are a great idea. Have you tried Crocs <gasp> they weigh next to nothing and were a huge help to me, as well as being very anti-slip making them perfect for the kitchen!

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      If I was you I would have a look at orthotic insoles, as they align your legs better so there is less strain.

      You can either pay a lot and have walking pressures measured on a pressure pad and orthotics made specifically for you, or you can go on ebay and get some for around £10!

      I like the ones with a firm plastic arch to support your foot arch and a softer top.

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      You need support socks and try orthotic insoles. This combo helped a lot when I used to get foot and heel pain.

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      Thanks, everyone for your replies. Will definitely look into buying some support socks and insoles ASAP.

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