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      who else gets restless legs?
      I currently have it at my desk at work, I look like I am on a lot of sugar!

      -I cannot sit still

      -I cant concentrate

      and quite frankly think I am making a show of my self-twitching away!

      What do you all do to help?

      I have had it for years since my first knee injury but never in the day and at my work desk!

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      Stand about 1m away from a wall ,facing it, and then lean forward so that your shoulders are close to the wall, while keeping your heels on the floor. Stretching the calf muscles is supposed to help… and it did work for me a while back. Good luck it’s a pain

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      Story of my life! I put it mainly down to my ADHD really. But as above, sitting with flat feet helps to stop it but doesn’t relieve the sensation of needing to do it, if you get me?

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      My colleague does, the trouble is we have rubbish floors so he bounces me up and down and makes me feel quite seasick when he does it…
      He drinks a lot of strong coffee, I don’t feel this helps :p

      I do but only when I’m really anxious!

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      Sometimes my mum gets restless legs when she hasn’t drunk enough water or other fluids, but what helps her the best is a suggestion she very sceptically tried over 25 years ago, and that is to simply walk backwards. At the most, she needs to go backwards back and forth (or should I say back again) a few times across a room, for it to help.

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      Magnesium spray can help. Also a pair of soothing massaging gel insoles 🙂

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      Magnesium, Epsom salts baths. Good hydration, not too much caffeine and muscle stretches.

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      Yep. Mine tends to come and go but generally gets bad late evening, just before I need to go to bed. It’s almost a sign that I’m overtired I think.

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      Its a classic sign of B12 deficiency. I know if I need to up my dose when if it starts.

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      I get this a lot with my running.

      My tips would be, make sure you’ve had enough fluids, magnesium spray, raise legs if possible? And my sure fire winner, rolling your calves. A foam roller if you have one or in an emergency a tin of bins or similar, wine bottle, or tennis ball which is far more portable.

      I’ve also found icing my calves help too but you don’t always have an ice pack just laying around in your handbag!

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