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      Is someone creating fake reviews on Scholl in order to trick customers into buying Scholl insoles? On a number of product pages there are literally pages and pages of reviews posted by “anonymous” reviewers all repeating the same thing such as “Very quick delivery and very nice item. ”, “Great product from Scholl !!” or simply “Great product”.
      The reviews have been added over time and have been pushed to the back pages out of sight but still contribute to the overall review score.

      These obvious fake reviews have been created possibly for a number of reasons. Having lots of postive reviews will help Scholl to rank higher in Google Shopping results and will make the insoles appear more popular than they actually are. Giving scholl an unfair comptitive advantage over other businesses.

      Here are a few screenshots of just some of the fake reviews being posted:

      scholl fake reviews

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      Here is my review. I bought some Scholl insoles not long ago to help with my plantar fasciitis. They were garbage and made things so much worse. I would not recommend anyone buy them. They are overpriced and do nothing.

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      I bought a pair of scholl insoles and they were no good at all. I tried them for about a week and then threw them in the bin because they felt very uncomfortable to wear and hurt my feet. I bought them to help ease my plantar fasciitis but they seemed to make my plantar fasciitis worse not better. I am not going to buy any more scholl products from no on. Too expensive, cheaply made and far from comfortable!

      I managed to buy some much better Footreviver insoles for half the price.

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