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      I’ve been away and it was very hot and dry. Despite best efforts to stay on top of the dry skin around my heels, using a pumice stone and a good body cream, I have now developed a spilt in the dry skin on the back of my heel.
      Any suggestions how I can treat it, to get it to heal quickly, and stop it hurting??

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      My mum had this problem, she tried everything and it wouldn’t heal. This went on for ages. Someone told her to soften a cabbage leaf in hot water and wrap the cabbage leaf round the heel. My mum doesn’t usually go for “alternative remedies” but was so desperate she tired it and it worked!

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      Superglue? It works well on split hands, so probably would on feet too

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      My nan used to use glycerine and a thick sock overnight.

      I dealt with them with a stone and greasiest cream I could find (Nivea like) or vaseline.

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      Nuovahealth do a cracked heel cream which works well if you put it on overnight covered with a sock, mine healed in 24 hours but then I forget to use it and it comes back, it softens the skin and does prevent the area becoming dry if used regularly, must start again as mine are dry and rough.

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      Germoline do a wound glue, I get awful cracks at the side of my thumbs; it sticks them together brilliantly and I then put sterisrips over the top.

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      Teaspoon of sugar and a glug of olive oil, massage heel with this mixture for 5 mins, wash with warm water and pat dry, apply CCS foot cream if mine is really bad (splits every winter where I got glass in it 30 yrs ago!) I then wrap it in cling film before going to bed. Apply the foot cream every morning and night , I also use one of those ped egg things to keep the hard skin in check. Tend to do this all year round now and find it will,only split once or twice rather than on a weekly basis in winter, you have my sympathy, it hurts so much!

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      Flexitol Heel Balm! Have a bath or shower before bed, towel dry your feet, slather this on and socks on top. You do need to keep using it though or your feet will dry out again.

      It works wonders on my feet when I remember to use it 😀

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      FootReviver cracked heel cream daily (or twice a day) and wear closed heel shoes with cotton or wool socks for a few days until it improves. Flip flops and open backed sandals make it worse as they allow the heel to spread.

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      Ah thanks guys, some really helpful stuff there. I did slather a thick body butter on last night with socks over, (some bamboo ones, as I don’t think I have any 100% cotton ones) but as I’ve been running lately I want to continue now I’m home and this will set me back. Kat – that makes sense as I was wearing open back sandals and we walked a lot, that’s what kicked it all off.

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      If you buy Duoderm sheets, the are quite expensive, but you can cut them up, that virtually stops all the pain at once. Leave it on for as long as you can so the skin has a chance to heal, then foot cream with urea three times a day,if you can. If it starts to crack again go straight back to the Duoderm before the cracks get deep.I find bamboo is better than cotton

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      I put foot creme like aqueous creme or nivia or E 45 cream on my over night and wore socks so the heat made cream soak in to get rid of my cracked heels 🙂

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