Killer heels without the kill: Balance vegan sandals

It doesn’t seem to matter how many talented designers work their socks off to produce fabulous, fashionable leather-free footwear, or how many celebrity endorsements they attract: the term ‘vegan shoes’ still conjures up images of staid, unglamorous clodhoppers for far too many people.

I think it’s a real shame that so many leather-free labels go unnoticed, so I’ve decided to try and hammer the point home today by showing you a big picture of these gorgeous vegan heels by Balance. They’d certainly be welcome in my wardrobe at the moment; a great choice for hot summer nights with their breathable, natural linen uppers. The electric blue soles are just fabulous and I can see these working equally well with tights come autumn. Find them for £137 at Neon Collective

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