FootReviver Arch Support insoles for plantar fasciitis (4/5)

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If you have high arches or flat feet then these insoles are for you. They feature excellent arch support that will help to correct common gait problems that can lead to injury. They are also super lightweight and breathable making them feel great inside any work boot!

Pros: – Has the best all round of any other pair of off the shelf insoles you can buy.-Corrects gait problems such as over-pronation and supination. -Ideal for those with high arches and flat feet that require extra arch support -Has a solid heel cup that will give your heel better stability, support and protection against shock. -Prevents pressure building up underneath your feet -Light weight and slim -Breathable to keep your feet feeling fresh -Ideal for treating plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.

Cons:– May need to cut to the right size to fit your boots properly. -Does not provide as much shock absorption as the insoles listed above. -May take a while for your feet to get used to them (this is known as the break-in period).

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  1. I think these are the best. Here are my pros and cons I found with these insoles
    *Good arch support that even helps my really flat feet
    *Don’t feel any shocks when wearing them which is a real plus if you are like me and work in a warehouse with super hard concrete floors.
    *They fit really well inside my boots and don’t make them feel all tight like others I have tried.
    *Eases pressure off my heel and stops my heels from hurting no matter how long I am on my feet for
    *They breathable and airy and don’t make my feet sweat or smell (as much).
    *Flat around the toe area and doesn’t support my ball of foot as much as I would like them too.
    *Can be tricky to cut them to the right size to fit inside my boots.

  2. I prefer these over all other insoles that I have tried. I wear these all the time inside my work boots and they are so good and never let me down. The support that they give me is just right as I know that some insoles can over support your feet and make them feel awkward but with these, they get the balance just right. What I also like about these is the fact that they cup around my heel giving my heel and ankle more stability as before I would often twist and sprain my ankle in my boots for some reason. The only let down that these insoles have is that if you wear them a lot they do wear out fast and need replacing but this isn’t a big deal considering they cost a lot less than other insoles on the internet.

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