A pick of the best shoes for standing all day in!

In this post, we will be looking at what are the best shoes wear for standing all day in! We will be looking at the most durable, fashionable and stylish shoes that you can buy. There are so many different shoes to pick from and choosing the right shoes is very important as if you don’t you may end up injuring or even causing permanent damage to your feet. To understand what shoes you should buy you will need to better understand the structures and biomechanics of your feet. Knowing just how your feet work and the different supportive structures in your feet will enable you to make a more informed decision on what to buy.

Understanding the structure of your feet is very important if you are wanting to buy the right shoes that won’t damage your feet. Your foot and ankle are made up of 26 different bones, 33 joints and over 100 different muscles and ligaments that all work together to help support not only your feet but your entire body. As a result, a biomechanical imbalance in any part of your foot or ankle can lead to problems not just in your feet but also other parts of your body as well. Biomechanical imbalances can be worsened by wearing shoes that do not fit properly or provide you with improper or insufficient support. This is why it is so important to find the right shoes!

You should make sure to buy shoes that prevent injuries such as plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot injuries and can be caused by standing around all day on your feet. One of the most important ligaments in your feet is the plantar fascia the plantar fascia stretches across the sole of your foot connecting the ball of the foot to the heel bone and makes up the arch of your foot. The plantar fascia plays a key role in gait cycle helping to shift weight as you walk and propel you forward, the plantar fascia also helps to absorb shock and stop damaging pressure from damaging the rest of your foot. If you damage the plantar fascia it can lead to an injury known as plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is the number one cause of heel and foot pain around! Did you know that at least one in ten people will get plantar fasciitis once in their lifetime? The plantar fascia can become damaged through excessive strain and overuse which can often occur if you are on your feet for long periods and suffer from biomechanical imbalances such as having flat feet or high arches which places extra pressure on the plantar fascia. Once the plantar fascia becomes damaged small micro tears will start to appear on the ligament leading to an inflammatory response by your body which may cause soreness and tight sharp pains that center around the arch of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is just one of many different foot injuries that can occur through wearing improper shoes.

Wearing proper supportive footwear which supports your foot and takes the strain off your plantar fascia and correcting any biomechanical imbalances which may be causing you plantar fasciitis is one the best ways of getting rid of plantar fasciitis and making sure that it never returns.

What you should look out for before buying a new pair of shoes:

  • Your shoes should have proper arch supporting insoles that will take the strain of the arch of your feet and correct the pronation of your feet during the gait cycle.
  • Your shoes should have flexible heels that do not restrict ankle motion.
  • Wide toe box. Shoes that have a small toe box can cause your shoes to be pushed into a position that they should not be in which can cause foot problems such as hammertoes and metatarsalgia.
  • Shoes should never be too wide. Shoes that are too wide may cause your feet to move around your feet affecting how the shoes support your feet and can cause problems such as blisters as a result of your feet rubbing against the sides of the shoes.
  • Your shoes should always fit properly and should not be too small or too tight. Shoes that are too small or too tight can cause excessive pressure on your feet and trigger an injury as a result.
  • Makes use of heel pad technology. Being on your feet all day can cause pressure to build up underneath your feet and heels. Heel pad technology can help to spread this pressure evenly across your foot so that it is no longer focused on one area minimizing the damage it does to your feet.

Orthopaedic shoes

Although orthopedic shoes are not the most attractive shoes ever created they are the most supportive and have been designed to realign your feet in the correct position, reduce the abnormal load on your feet and eliminate biomechanical imbalances which may be causing foot injuries!

For women

Dansko pro xsp

First on our list are the Pro XP shoes from Dansko and when it comes to comfortable shoes Dansko is one of the leading makes!


  • These shoes are by far the most comfortable shoes that you can buy.
  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom that helps improve the efficiency of your feet and prevent foot fatigue.
  • Padded instep helping to better protect your feet from shocks during the gait cycle.
  • Good traction. These shoes have slip resistant rubber outer soles to stop you from slipping.
  • Designed to reduce torque and helps to stabilize your foot and heel.
  • Features a wide toe box with extra wiggle room making them perfect if you suffer from toe problems such as metatarsalgia or hammer toes.


  • These shoes have been designed with only comfort in mind and so are extremely ugly.
  • Comes with foam insoles. Foam insoles are not recommended to use as they only support your foot in the position and alignment that they are currently in.

Dansko Women’s Addy Flats in Black Crackle Suede Leather

If the pro xsp shoes from Dansko where not your cup of tea then these flats from Dansko just might be! They are a lot less clumsy looking and are really easy to slip on and off.


  • Made from soft suede leather that will not irritate your skin no matter how long you are wearing the shoes for.
  • Uses Dansko Nubuck and Suede Bar and Brush technology for stain resistance making them perfect for work!
  • Lots of wiggle room. These shoes have a wide toe area stopping your toes from being pushed together and damaged.
  • Your feet will not get tired of wearing them because they are extremely lightweight.


  • Ugly
  • Do not come with insoles.

Clarks Women’s Un.Loop shoes


  • Snug and extremely comfortable to wear.
  • These shoes are really stylish and because they are slip on shoes they are extremely easy to put on and take off.
  • They also feature a Flexible rubber sole that helps to support the arch of your foot and give your feet the stability and motion control that they need. The rubber sole is also excellent at absorbing shock helping to prevent your feet and lower limbs from damage.
  • Features Loop slip-on features the Clarks Air Circulation system which helps to better circulate air around your feet helping them to stay dry and feeling fresh all day long.
  • These shoes are also extremely durable making them the ideal choice for working in!


  • These shoes are not very stylish at all.
  • Are only available in three colours, brown, navy and black.
  • These shoes come with a poor quality removable leather insole which will not be able to properly support your feet.
  • At £135 these shoes are quite expensive!

Hush Puppies Women’s Epic Mary Jane

Next on our list are from a company called hush puppies who specialize in comfortable shoes! Hush puppies range of shoes are lot less uglyer than the Dansko range.

  • Simple design that will suit most styles.
  • Smooth leather uppers makes these shoes extremely easy to slip on and off and will not dig into your heels whilst wearing them.
    The wedged heel provides stability and support to your foot where you need it the most.
  • Removable EVA insoles provide arch support and shock absorption.
    Rubber outer sole helps to prevent you from slipping.
  • Made from breathable material helping to keep your feet feeling dry and fresh.


  • Can be quite tight to wear especially around the toes.

For men

Rockport World tour walking shoes

Theses Rockport world tour walking shoes are extremely stylish and will surely keep your feet comfortable all day. These shoes use Rock ports own patented walking platform system which helps to keep your feet in a natural and supported position whilst you wear the shoes helping to take the strain off the arches and other key parts of your feet to help prevent injury and foot fatigue. Furthermore, these shoes come with there very own footbed insoles to help give your feet, even more, support and protection from shocks and jolts! These shoes are super easy to clean and are made from breathable material that helps stop sweat from building up and keep your feet odor free, dry and fresh no matter how long you are wearing the shoes for.

  • Pros
  • Available in either brown or black and will go with just about any type of work outfit.
  • Extremely comfortable and roomy.
  • Supports your feet using Rock ports own walking platform system.
  • Comes with very own removable insoles.


  • Costing over £100 these shoes maybe out of some peoples budget

Hush puppies Glenn

Hush puppies doesn’t just do womens shoes they also have a wide range of mens shoes too! These shoes are perfect if you don’t mind compromising on style for comfort!


  • Incorporates ZeroG® system technology that helps to keep these shoes super lightweight by using a outer sole that is upto 4 times lighter than normal!
  • Smooth easy pull up leather upper.
  • Removable contoured insole helps to keep your arch supported and strain off your feet.
  • Available in wide range of sizes to fit just about anyone!
  • Strobel construction gives your feet flexibility and improved comfort.
  • Traction control helps to stop you from slipping up.


  • Very ugly and look very cheap!
  • Can be quite tight and hard to take on and off.

Wave Port from Clarks

If you are looking for shoes that look more traditionally like sports trainers than shoes these wave ports form Clarks maybe for you!


  • Uses Wavewalk technology that helps to improve the way that your weight is shifted during the gait cycle reducing stress placed on key parts of your foot such as your plantar fascia.
  • Made from breathable nubuck material to better regulate the temrpreature of your feet.
  • Durable, lightweight and flexible soles
  • Available in wide fittings


  • Has a very stiff heel which may limit the movement of your ankle and cause problems.

If you have any shoe recommendations that have not been listed above please feel free to comment below!

Disclaimer. There are lots of disingenuous scam websites that write “best of” shoe reviews online which are purely created to trick people into buying through their Amazon affiliate links which provide them money. We advise anyone looking online to avoid these sites because more often than not the people behind these websites only care about making money and will say anything to get you to buy through their affiliate links!

This article has been created with the sole purpose of helping people find the right shoes. We have not been compensated in any way by any of the shoe brands mentioned nor will you find any affiliate links hidden in the article. All opinions expressed are completely our genuine and honest opinion.

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  1. Some really good suggestions here.. if you are a 90 year old granny that is! My goodness me are “comfortable shoes” ugly. Where is the style? Where is the glam? I don’t think I could ever wear shoes like these no matter how much pain my feet are in.

  2. I have finely resigned to the fact that I can no longer wear high heels at work any more because they are seriously messing up my feet. I guess old woman’s shoes it is then 🙁 But I am so surpised that shoes which look this ugly are so expensive though.

  3. With my new job I am always standing around for hours on end now and it is really playing havoc on my feet. I a girl but will the men’s waveport shoes fit me if I buy them in a smaller size?

  4. Cool thanks for this. I just started work as a waitress and have been looking for some good shoes to wear because my first couple shifts have been absolute agony because my feet are really not used to being used LOL.

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