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If you are wanting a good pair of all-purpose insoles that will not only give you extra support but will also provide you with the best shock absorption then we would definitely recommend you check out these insoles by Footreviver. Built to be super lightweight and to fit into both sport and casual shoes these insoles are perfect if you want to protect your feet whilst playing sports or if you suffer from aches and pains after being on your feet all day at work. Motion control orthotic support ensure that your feet never move in a way that could cause excessive strain or pressure on them that could cause damage helping you to avoid common foot injuries. These insoles feature added orthotic compression that is designed to help to better circulate blood around your feet proven to be beneficial for those with diabetes or to speed up recovery if you are suffering from a foot injury. These insoles will also help to redistribute weight and pressure that can build up underneath your feet to help stop foot aches and fatigue. The rigid arch support built into a pair of these insoles will also help to take the strain and pressure off your flat feet when you walk helping to stop you from getting plantar fasciitis. What is more, is that these insoles have been made from really high quality and durable materials these insoles will help stop shock from damaging your feet by absorbing shock efficiently as your foot strikes the ground.

So, If you are looking for a pair of all-purpose shoe insoles that will fit inside both your running shoes and your casual shoes then look no further. These insoles will give you excellent arch support and will help to re-balance and correct the positioning of your feet when you walk stopping your feet from getting injured.


  • Great arch support that is perfect for supporting flat feet
  • Lightweight so they wont weight down your feet when you wear them
  • Metatarsal support pad to stop metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain).
  • Heel grip and heel cup technology keeps your feet in a more natural and comfortable position and stops them from moving around in your shoes to stop blisters and other injuries developing
  • Ideal for runners and athletes wanting to avoid injury.
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Orthotic compression helps boost blood flow speeding up recovery and help protect your injured feet from further damage.
  • Motion control technology stops your feet from moving in a way that could damage them.
  • Rigid arch support perfect for those with flat feet or high arches.


  • Only available in standard men’s and women’s sizes.

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  1. I bought these insoles because they were the cheapest arch support insoles that I could find to help with my flat feet and plantar fasciitis. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much because of how cheap they were but I was pleasantly surprised. They have really helped ease my foot pain and my plantar fasciitis has really improved since wearing them. I am now planning on buying more pairs for all my shoes 🙂

  2. The best things you will ever put in your shoes period!
    I have the flattest feet imaginable which means I can suffer from really bad foot pain if I overstretch my feet even just a little. For me, these footreviver insoles are the only things that help. The support that they give your feet is second to none. When I have these inside my shoes no matter how long I am on my feet for I don’t get any problems. In the past to ease my foot pain I have tried more expensive custom orthotics but in my opinion, these definitely beat them. Whilst custom orthotics can sometimes over support your feet and make your foot pain even worse these insoles give you just the right amount of support and allow your feet room to support and strengthen by themselves. I really love the shock absorption on that you get from this too.. I can now run on hard surfaces and my feet no longer ache because of they are constantly slapping the ground, so I can run for as long as I want without having to bow out because my feet ache too much. The only downside to them is that they do wear out fast if you wear them everyday.. but seeing as they don’t cost a lot at all this isn’t a real problem.

  3. Superb!
    After getting injured when running last year I have been on the lookout for some good insoles ever since and now I found some. I have flat feet so I need lots of arch support or else my feet get inflamed very quickly when I run. These insoles give your feet so much support and make them feel so comfortable inside your shoes. I don’t have to worry about shock hurting my feet either. The shock absorption on these insoles is the best ever, no matter if I running on hard pavement for hours on end my feet just don’t get inflamed or ache at all. I would recommend these to anyone!

  4. So glad I found these. Thanks for the suggestion after a week of wearing them I gotta say they are the best! I have tried many many different pairs of insoles to help with my flat feet including Superfeet and Scholl ones and they did not help at all. It was only when I started wearing these..which just so happen to be a THIRD of the price of the other brands that my feet finally stopped hurting. My advice would be simple don’t waste your time with any other insoles. These are the best by far!!!

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