FootReviver Arch Support Insoles For Foot Pain (1/5)

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These Footreviver insoles are perfect if you are required to stand for long periods and need some extra support and protection in your work boots. The added arch support makes them ideal for all foot types and will help to prevent the most common causes of heel and foot pain in adults. What is more is that they come with Footreviver’s 30-day money back guarantee which means if they aren’t right for you then you can send them back and get your money back no questions asked! 

Pros: -Perfect for wearing when standing for long periods -Corrects the biomechanical balance in your feet and lower limbs -Spreads pressure evenly across your whole foot to prevent damage -Inbuilt arch support protects your plantar fascia from becoming overused and inflamed(plantar fasciitis). – Made from special EVA material that absorbs shock and prevents foot pain, shin splints, and knee pain. -Heel cup improves stability and balance.

Cons: -Lack of available sizes

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  1. I bought some Superfeet insoles to put in my boots and they were an absolute joke and did more damage to my feet than good. These on the other hand which by the way cost 3x less are far far superior. My feet feel so much better and since wearing a pair of these inside my shoes I have had no aches or pain at all. Will never buy any other brand expect for Footreviver when it comes to insoles now.

  2. If your feet hurt at work then get these as they are the best! I have tried a lot of different inserts in my boots to try to sort out my feet including really expensive custom ones which didn’t help in the slightest but only these seem to do the trick. I have had these for 2 weeks now and I have seen a huge difference now when I go to work I’m not worrying anymore about how bad my feet are going to hurt at the end of the day. I only wish I found these sooner and saved my self a lot of money!!!

  3. My feet have never really been the same since I got plantar fasciitis. Even though my plantar fasciitis is now gone my feet still are super sensitive to even the slightest thing. I decided to get some of these because at work I often have to stand around on the hard concrete floor which plays havoc with my feet and probably was the reason why I developed plantar fasciitis. I am really glad I bought these as they have helped a lot, now I can be on my feet a lot longer without having to put my feet up and getting told off by my boss for slacking.

  4. I got a pair of these in my work boots and they are fantastic. Before I started wearing these I would get aches and pains (even though the soles of my boots are quite thick my boots) but now I wear these that doesn’t happen thanks to the shock absorption. I also really love the arch support as I have quite flat feet and they can get achy pretty fast if I am not careful so the extra arch support that these give really does help a lot.

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