New Balance Fresh Foam Gobi v2 (17/17)

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Type: Trail Price: $100 Low-cost running shoes that feature a high-performance midsole and outsole for better responsiveness, protection, and support. Big diamond-shaped lugs will position your feet upright no matter what surface your run on. The lugs are also spaced out just the right amount to give enough grip on the soft ground whilst allowing your foot to roll smoothly on hard trails and on dirt roads.

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  1. Very poor! I ordered a pair a couple days ago and just got them today but I am really disappointed in them. I thought that they would be good seeing as they are from Newbalance but I am really disappointed in them. They have been made really shoddily and are already falling apart at the seams. They are really tight on my feet even though I actually bought them one size up from my usual size. Finally, the soles are super thin so I am not holding my breath that these will absorb any shock. I think I am going to take them back to sportsdirect immediately!

  2. Newbalance has gone downhill!
    There is a reason why these shoes are so cheap… it because they are rubbish. I bought a pair of these exact same ones a couple weeks ago and they were beyond bad. The sole was really lousy and did not absorb any shock.. it felt as though I was running barefoot… whats more my heel kept on moving around because there was no stability in the upper. Also by the picture these shoes look as though the toe box is big but in actual fact is very narrow and bunches up your toes which is not good for them.
    Trust me Newbalance shoes have gone downhill recently they are nowhere near as good in quality as they once where a few years ago.

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