Massaging Gel Insoles From YourPhysioSupplies (4/4)

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If you are on your feet all day and want to stop your feet from hurting then you should consider buying a pair of these massaging gel insoles. As soon as you wear them the massaging gel will get to work, molding to the exact shape of your feet easing pressure and strain off them.

Pros: Massages your feet helping to ease foot and heel pain quickly. Silicone gel actively adapts to the changing pressures placed on your feet helping to Eliminate pressure points on your feet. Ideal for treating knee pain. Proven to help with shin splints. Excellent at absorbing shock. Added heel cups protect and support your heels better.

Cons: Does not provide the best arch support.

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  1. These get top marks from me. I love these gel insoles they are the best thing I have put in my shoes. I wear them both in my normal shoes and m trainers for when I go running… I really couldn’t run without them. They are really good at making sure my feet don’t feel shocks or jolts when I run. I love how the gel feels on my feet too, they massage them really well and I don’t ever suffer from aches and pains no matter how long I am on my feet for. They will eventually run out but at only £9.00 it really isn’t a big deal when it comes to replacing them.

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