New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3 (4/17)

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Type: Road Shoe Price: $100 These Newbalance running shoes are stylish and have good shock absorption. They are also super lightweight so they won’t weigh your feet down making them great for long runs.

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  1. Worst running shoes ever! AVOID!!!
    I really don’t know why Newbalance is so highly rated by everyone.. yes they look good but they are awful in all other respects. I have a pair of these Newbalance shoes and after the first week of running in them, they started to full apart. This is because they have been made using the cheapest materials possible. The shoes don’t support my feet at all and you can feet every shock and jolt if you run on pavement wearing them.. they are practically useless for running and could get your feet injured if you’re not careful. The lesson learnt is to never buy a pair of shoes just based on what they look like. Don’t waste your time and money buying these as they are appalling and I will never buy the Newbalance brand ever again!

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