Gel Heel Cup Shoe Inserts (6/7)

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These heel cups may not technically be insoles but they are still something to definitely consider. These heel cups provide a firm and adaptive arch support due to them having a double layer sole, and a shock-absorbing heel cushion, that also supplies enhanced comfort and stability. These heel cups help to take the strain off the ankle and prevent ankle instability helping to reduce the risk of developing ankle sprains and ankle tendinitis. They can be fitted into just about any type of shoe and can be easier to fit and take out again when needed. Due to the small size of these heel cups, you can place them on top of other insoles in your shoes for extra support and comfort if needed.


  • Fantastic at reducing heel pain and fatigue
  • Prevent ankle sprains and ankle tendinitis
  • Ideal for daily use and walking
  • Can be fitted into most footwear
  • Gives the heel of your foot excellent support and prevent the build-up of pressure.


  • They will not support your whole foot only the heel and arch area

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