FootReviver Memory Foam Running Insoles (5/7)

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Great for runners who suffer from foot pain and need extra support. These insoles have firm support and advanced cushioning, designed to improve comfort whilst also providing your feet with optimum stability as well. They are great for minimizing or eliminating the pain connected with plantar fasciitis as they help to reduce the strain on the arches and absorb shock. The top layer of these insoles is made from memory foam. This memory foam layer will provide your feet with a custom level of support that adapts and supports your foot when you walk or run. A metatarsal pad has been inbuilt into their design to help with metatarsalgia. This metatarsal pad helps to support and protect the ball of your foot and prevent metatarsalgia. The heel of these insoles uses heel cup technology to protect your feet from damage by spreading pressure that can build up underneath your feet and evenly across your whole foot. The heel cup will also support your heel ensuring it does not twist or move in a way that could damage your foot or ankle. Breathable holes have been added to these insoles to circulate air around your feet helping them to feel fresh all day long.


  • Easily fitted into any shoe type imaginable
  • Added a metatarsal pad for the ball of foot support and protection
  • Heel cup technology spreads pressure under your foot preventing heel pain and aches
  • Breathable holes better circulate air around your foot keeping them feeling fresh
  • The Soft padding makes your feet super comfortable
  • Ideal for easing plantar fasciitis pain


  • Not as good at supporting your arches as other more firmer arch support insoles

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