Massaging Gel Insoles From NuovaHealth (4/6)

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Massaging gel insoles are an excellent choice for those suffering from tired aching feet. he massaging gel will help to ease foot and heel pain and will absorb shock protecting your feet and lower limbs. They work by adapting and molding to the exact contours of your feet as you walk easing pressure and strain in the areas that you need it the most.

Pros: -Molds to the shape of your feet to give you custom support and protection -Prevents the build-up of potentially damaging pressure underneath your feet by making sure that this pressure is spread evenly across your whole foot. -The massaging gel helps to ease foot and heel pain as you walk. -The shock-absorbing gel helps to keep your feet, and lower limbs protected. -Ideal people who suffer from shin splints and knee pain -Water resistant.

Cons: -Not much arch support!

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  1. I must have really sensitive feet or something because even the slightest shock or jolt causes problems for me. I have really thick soled walking shoes but even they aren’t enough to stop shock from hurting my feet as my feet slap the ground. I tried everything to solve this but just when I was about to give up my friend bought me a pair of these insoles and they did the trick! Now I can walk without having to worry about my feet or legs aching because of the shock anymore.

  2. They do make your shoes very comfortable and absorb a lot of shocks when you walk but they weren’t for me. These are very good at supporting your heel but if you suffer from ball of foot pain like me then the support around that area is not much at all. My advice would be to get some of the other insoles listed above which will support your whole foot instead of just your heel

  3. Very comfortable but not for serious walkers.
    I didn’t like these gel insoles they were too soft for me and did not properly support my feet. They are good if you want a quick foot pain fix and don’t plan on walking miles in them… If you do a lot of walking get some with better support like the Footreviver insoles which I found were much better.

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