Whose shoes? Miu Miu cat print Mary Janes

Whose shoes? Miu Miu cat print Mary Janes
July 22, 2010 shoewawa
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Before I saw people actually out and about in this Miu Miu style, I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it. Yes, the kitty print is cute and instantly recognisable, but those heels are super clonky, and the look could get tired after a while. So it’s a surprise to see it out on the red pink carpet here, still looking utterly fab.

The shoes themselves are owned by a celeb who loves dressing up almost as much as she enjoys *ahem* dressing down, so she’s no stranger to putting on the glam. But who is it?

Answer over the jump
It’s Holly Madson, who’s teamed the shoes with this rather infantile looking babydoll dress. Not quite sure that’s what we’d have chosen to wear with that style, Holly, but we’re glad you’re enjoying your snack!

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