FootReviver 3/4 length Insoles: Best for Arch & Heel Pain (3/9)

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If you have high arches you are more likely to develop biomechanical and functional imbalances in your feet that can affect the way that you walk. Imbalances in your feet can place excessive strain and load on key ligaments and joints in your lower limbs and cause injury. The most common form of imbalance in those who have high arches is Overpronation. Overpronation can cause a number of different foot and lower limbs injuries such as metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis. A pair of Footrevivers is a perfect choice if you have high arches as they utilize a range of orthotic technologies to give your feet the very best protection and support in the places where they need it the most. Feature a rigid high arch that takes the strain off the arch reducing your risk of developing common foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis. Orthotic compression also helps to readjust the positioning of your feet in order to prevent movement that may cause damage to your feet and lower limbs. These insoles are also made form very the best shock absorbing materials that are super lightweight and durable to help protect your feet from damaging shock when walking or running on hard surfaces.

These insoles are great all-purpose insoles which you can wear whilst playing sports to prevent injury or to stop your feet from hurting whilst on your feet all day on a shopping trip. They also come with a full 30-day money back guarantee. This means if you are not happy the insoles you can simply send them back to get all your money back!


  • Rigid high arch support to keep strain and pressure off your arches
  • Heel cup technology keeps your foot and ankle in a stable and correct position to prevent foot sprains
  • The inbuilt metatarsal pad helps to support and protect the ball of your foot to help prevent and treat metatarsalgia(ball of foot pain)
  • Lightweight and can be worn in a range of different types of casual and sports shoes
  • Made from shock absorbing materials to keep your feet protected from shock


  • Only available in two sizes

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  1. I work as a waiter in a restaurant so I am often standing all day on my feet which can cause them to get very sore and achy. I decided to buy these along with some good orthopedic shoes and they have done wonders. My only complaint would be that they can make your feet a little bit sweaty so you need to wear them in well-ventilated shoes.

  2. They are just great haven’t failed me once! Just make sure your shoes have plenty of room in them or else they will make them feel tight and that can cause things like blisters.

  3. Just what I need for football
    I’m not a fan of arch support insoles as they seem to dig into my feet too much… but I needed some sort of insole in my shoes when I play football to protect my feet from shock as I play. I decided to buy these and I am really glad I did. They don’t make your shoes feel bulky or tight when you have them in. They are also really lightweight and extremely durable so you don’t have to keep on replacing them. The shock absorption is really good and has helped a lot get rid of my foot pain when I play football 😀

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