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These Footreviver insoles are a perfect choice for anyone experiencing foot pain. They have been designed with inbuilt arch support to help keep strain and pressure of key ligaments found in your foot such as the plantar fascia, helping with both treating and preventing foot injuries. They are extremely lightweight and have a slim design meaning they can fit into lots of different types of shoes quickly and easily without bulking them up.

Pros: -Rigid arch support that helps support your feet and correct problems with the way your feet function that may be causing damage to your feet. -Ideal for people with flat feet. -Lightweight -Made from high-quality durable materials that make them last longer. -Come with a full 30-day money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money if they aren’t right for you.

Cons: -Lack of sizes.

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  1. I have the flattest feet ever which means that even the slightest bit of strain or pressure on my feet will cause them to get inflamed and painful that is why I need some good insoles. I have been swapping and changing insoles in my shoes forever..never being able to find the right pair for my feet that is until I found these. I am a big fan of these Footrevivers. I wear them all the time and don’t know what I would do without them! They are so comfortable to wear and support my feet so well. Other insoles that I have worn have either not supported my feet enough or have over supported them but these footrevivers get the balance just right. Something else I really like about these insoles is the fact that they are really lightweight and don’t tighten up my shoes (I have lost count of the number of times I have put new insoles in my shoes only for them to make my shoes too tight giving me blisters). Even if you don’t have flat feet like me I would still suggest you buy these as they will help to stop shock from damaging your feet, they also will improve the way you walk and correct your gait and posture helping to stop problems for you in later life.

  2. Recently I bought some new shoes and they were terribly uncomfortable..but I love the look of them so didn’t want to let them go. I then decided to fit some insoles in them.. tried so many different pairs and out of all of the ones that I tried these were the comfiest. All of the others would either be too bulky and make my shoes feel tight or would over support my feet and push them into all sorts of uncomfortable positions. These get things just right! I really like them because they are really soft and doesn’t irritate my feet.. the insoles are also really lightweight and give my feet just the right amount of support. Will buy again!

  3. A couple of weeks ago when out running I started getting a really bad sharp pain in the arches of my foot turns out I had plantar fasciitis and my doctor told me to get some insoles to correct it. I didn’t have a whole lot of money so couldn’t afford the super expensive custom insoles so instead I decided to buy these. I am so glad I did because these insoles have really helped my plantar fasciitis, so much so that within 2 weeks of wearing them my plantar fasciitis is almost fully healed and I am actually thinking about running again. The arch support is really good and makes a real difference when you walk helping to take the strain off your foot and stop it from rolling forward to much when you walk.. the shock absorption is incredible… I didn’t think I had any issues with shock before damaging my feet but after wearing these inside my shoes thanks to the shock absorption see a massive difference and my feet no longer ache at all when I am on my feet all day. The only downside to these insoles is that I couldn’t fit them into my normal shoes and had to buy bigger shoes but that being said I needed some new shoes anyway. 🙂 really happy with my purchase.

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