FootReviver Orthotic Arch Support Insoles For Aches & Pains (1/7)

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If you are looking for some insoles that will give your feet the very best arch support and will help to correct the biomechanics of your feet then look no further. If you already have plantar fasciitis wearing these insoles can help to eliminate all of the most common biomechanical and functional problems that contribute to plantar fasciitis allowing your feet to recovery properly and faster. A pair of these Footrevivers will give your feet all the protection and support that they need by supporting the longitudinal (medial and lateral) arches as well as the anterior transverse arch helping to get rid of as much strain and pressure off your arches as possible.

If you have high arches or flat feet you are more susceptible to excessive pronation which can cause excessive pressure and strain on your feet and make you more susceptible to plantar fasciitis and other foot injuries. These insoles make sure to correct the pronation in your feet by stopping your foot from rolling forward to much during the gait cycle. Wearing a pair of these inside your shoes doesn’t just help with easing plantar fasciitis, you can also wear them to help prevent and treat other foot injuries too. For example, they will help with metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma by supporting and protecting the balls of your feet via the inbuilt metatarsal pads added to the insoles. The Heel cups added to these insoles make sure to hold your feet in the correct position and improve balance and stability to your heels and ankles easing Achilles tendinitis and preventing sprains and strains.


  • Available in a range of different sizes
  • The inbuilt arch support that targets all three parts of the arch
  • Metatarsal pad helps to supports the balls of your feet to ease metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma.
  • Made from shock absorbing materials to stop shock from causing damage to your feet and lower limbs (perfect if you suffer from shin splints or knee tendinitis)
  • Lightweight, the flexible and durable design makes these a perfect choice for placing inside running shoes


  • Can be a little bulky to wear inside narrow running shoes

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  1. I think these are just great! They have helped tremendously at reducing my foot pain and now really I wouldn’t go without having them in my shoes. I find them just as good if not better than superfeet insoles! Plus they are a lot more affordable compared to other brands which is great news for your wallet as forking out constantly every couple of months for new pairs of insoles can start to get quite costly.

  2. I decided to buy a pair of these insoles after hearing about how good they are from a friend I go running with. I have been using them for a few weeks now and I have to say that they are by far the best insoles I have worn EVER! I no longer have to worry about getting injured and can focus on more important things like my running time instead. The support that they give my feet is second to non plus it doesn’t matter what surface you run on you won’t feel any shocks or jolts in your feet or legs because the shock absorption is amazing. This is a major thing for me because I used to suffer from really bad metatarsalgia from the even the slightest thing in my feet and I have not had any trouble at all now I wear these. I would say out of all the insoles listed get these you will won’t regret it.

  3. If you are looking for a pair of good all-purpose insoles that will support your feet and protect them against shock then you might want to grab yourself a pair of these ones!

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