Orthotic Foot Arch Support Insoles (3/7)

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These are a perfect choice for giving your feet the appropriate support that they require if you have plantar fasciitis. When running shock can cause lasting damage to the ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones found in your feet and lower limbs. These insoles help to protect against this shock. Firm arch support provides far superior support and is a lot healthier for your feet and comfortable than insoles that have been made out of softer materials, that is why they have been made to provide your feet with firm arch support construction to give your feet more sturdy and stable arch support. Featuring excellent pronation control that will make sure that your feet do not over pronate or under pronate whilst you walk helping to reduce strain on the arch of your foot and in doing so treating and preventing the most common foot injuries. Not only do these insoles help to keep your feet feeling comfy they can also help them to stay fresh too. These insoles have been made antimicrobial EVA material with breathable holes to help prevent the build-up of bacteria and keep your feet feeling fresh all day long.


  • Rigid arch support that helps to support high arches and low arches
  • Easily fits into just about all running shoes that have removable insoles
  • Helps to correct biomechanical imbalances such as overpronation and under pronation when you run or walk
  • Features a deep heel cup that stabilizes your heel and ankle and spreads pressure evenly underneath your heel to prevent heel pain
  • Made from the very best shock-absorbing EVA material helps to cushion and prevent shocks from damaging your feet
  • Super lightweight to wear and breathable to keep your feet feeling fresher for longer


  • May need to be cut to the right size

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